What To Wear?


What Should I Wear To My Photo Session?

For best results, keep your clothing choice solid or simple. If there are multiple people in the session, please try to coordinate their clothing by wearing outfits in the same color family (earth tones, grays, blues, etc.) or with the same accent color. Try to avoid logos, wild patterns, horizontal stripes or shirts with writing on it.
You can add your personality by bringing your own props, for example, baby blanket, stuffed animal, special toy, hat, scarf, instrument or even sporting equipment.

Below, we have made some examples of color ideas by making swatches with photos of some of our customers with color blocks of some colors that look good together.  Hope this helps with ideas for your photo session.  If you need more info, please email me so that we can set up a time to talk.


  • Weddings 60% 60%
  • Family & Portraits 25% 25%
  • Other 15% 15%

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Our team works and trains together so that we are able to continue to capture amazing moments for our clients. We spend most of our free time taking pictures and expanding our knowledge of photography. We currently photograph weddings, families, children, birthdays, and special occasions.

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